Dive to Fly   [ music: suddenly plastic | lyrics: linda kratky]
[german version] 
I'm inviting you to come with me to the gate of the worlds.
You can choose a key and please, be aware of the consequences
There's no turning back, no escape from your destiny.
Bound like a spell is your path as soon as you turn the key.
The gate opens for you. Do not look back as you will use different skills now,
Reconnect with your roots. They guide you along.
They're your only help.

Swim, follow me across the wide ocean and
Dive down to the depths of the dark seas.

You're enriched by your experiences with all perspectives.
You're making a stop on your journey to share the divine silence with me
As it tells you the truth in its purest form.
Soon you will have to move on to finish your path with success
No matter how long it takes or how many stops you'll make.

You see, bright shining lights lead you to the higher spheres and
Your wings give you a nice flight.

In this ocean you can fly as in water or air,
But the air is lighter, the water flows faster and you're growing larger than ever before,
Since you feel unrestricted, unlimited and you're flowing in endless creativity.
Confess, you always knew you would be here one day,
You just had to forget. Finally, all the children need to come home
And breathe in their origins. The world you've left for a while will not remain
As it is for eternity. Many of your companions will follow you
To see this other atmosphere that inspires you so much.
Now, fly, my dearest, nothing holds you back except your own fear.
Let's meet again when the whole world rises high…

My love flows through your veins, feeds you with life and
Light for you to bring into the worlds.
You'll find, there's nothing more beautiful than
The final union of all souls.