A Very Nice Costume   [ music: suddenly plastic | lyrics: linda kratky]
[german version] 
I've been walking through the streets
Looking at you and your faces,
But these were not YOUR faces.
I was feeling like a stranger among all the
Other strangers.
"Our soul always shines through our eyes",
Although we all disguise ourselves everyday.
We all disguise ourselves.
We all disguise, we all disguise ourselves.

Have you ever felt this strong need
To be yourself, naked, unabashed?
To say what you want without hiding
Behind your very nice costume?
Now, I know, you're being touched as you
Share the whole masquerade with me,
…masquerade with me.

I've been walking through the streets.
We were not ourselves.
I was someone else.
We had never been ourselves.

It's time, we stop the masquerade now....
time to stop the masquerade now.
It's time…