Scream   [ music: suddenly plastic | lyrics: linda kratky]
[german version] 
I'm listening to trivial dreams that tell me about a
Conspiracy against the deeper meaning.
It looks funny to see us all bring ourselves into
Sweet chains for comfortable survival.
What does life mean to us if we're just crying
Tears into the sea, although we're also creators?
How can we accuse anyone, while we're looking for
Our own excuse for the very same mistake?

Going through spaces of history I can see
These repetitions are there to make us all more conscious.
Although I'm not that sure if all blind men will ever
Get their sight back, I know they will.
I'll give myself open-heartedly. My voice vibrates
Through all dimensions. I know it is being reflected.
Deep trust is coming up to stand by me throughout and
Lend me a shield against all doubts.