Awakening   [ music: suddenly plastic | lyrics: linda kratky]
[german version] 
God gave me the wisdom
To know the difference.

I can't change what I cannot change
And I'll change with all my strength
Everything that I'm able to change.
I gave up wasting all my time with
People that waste my time, here I'll
Stop waiting for all my life time.

Do you still live in your slow motion pictures
Where your dreams are passing by while
You're trying to catch'em?

Hey! Come on!
Show me your soul!

The road is long and I don't give up
Giving up what makes me stop and
I recommend you do the same.
Here I am being what I am.
I expect you to be yourself as
I am finally being myself.

Do you still dream of illusions,
Never getting why you're here?
You'd better move before it's too late.
Waiting can kill us all.

Wake up!